Algemene voorwaarden


Certified shop

Both “Vliegwerk Premium” and “De Brandstapel Tattoo” are officially licensed by the GGD (the Area Health Authority)

Shop location

Located on “Bloemerstraat 70″ in Nijmegen City Centre you’ll find Tattoo-studio: “Brandstapel Tattoo” home of Vliegwerk Premium.

Terms & Conditions

-The minimaal starting amount is €100,- euro

– No tattooing under the age of 18

– Appointments are possible on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday between 12:00 and 19:00. No appointments can be made in the weekend. These spots are reserved for international clients.

  • Drawings

– The design-fee for a tattoo is €50,- This covers the amount of time put in to a custom design

-Drawings will be given 1 to 2 days before your appointment via mail, no exceptions.

– Designs can be edited free of charge, unless the client wants a complete different design from what the innitaly stated.

  • Down payments

– Besides a drawing-fee of €50,- euro, a downpayment is also required. For small pieces €50,- euro and for large pieces €100,- euro.

– Without a downpayment booking an appointment is not possible.

  • General

– Be on time! 30 min late without a head notice or valid reason will cancel the appointment and makes you loose your down-payments.

– Canceling your appointment needs to be at least 3 days before your initial date with a valid reason, otherwise down-payments will be lost. No cash refunds!